David Seungjoo Baek

User Experience Research & Design

Discovery Problem-Solving Industry Academia

UMMA Social
Designing an Artist-audience Co-creation MR Experience
(UX Design & Research)

Samsung Harman's Car Infotainment System
Needs Assessment & Usability Evaluation (NDA-protected)
(UX Design Research)

HEED Research Project
Discovering Design Requirements of Situated Self-reporting Device "HEED" - Published on Ubicomp 2018
(UX Design Research)

Designing a Peer-driven Photo-taking Social Entertainment
(UX Design & Research)

Listening to Your Voice on the Road
Exploring the Experience of UBER/Lyft Drivers
(UX Research - Ethnography)

Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir 4th - Fly to the Paradise
Exploring the Lived Experience of YouTube Creators
(UX Research - Phenomenology)