David Seungjoo Baek


I am a User Experience Researcher & Designer,
with majors in “UX Research and Design” & “Cultural and Critical Studies.”
I qualitatively explore human experience and behavior in their interaction with IT products and services. So, my focus is the three components,
“Interaction” between “Human” and “Computer System.”

Specifically, I make design research approaches. For instance, I look into user’s experience qualitatively and quantitatively to discover the core elements that make up the experience in their interaction with computers and iteratively validate and extract the key insights that augment the experience.

With this process, I design a user-friendly computer system, or I re-design pre-existing system to improve user’s experience at the next level. 


I started learning qualitative research methods since 2006 while professionally working in performing art production and management field, because artworks are fundamentally prone to the interpretation of cultural and social phenomenon in our daily lives.

I advanced the knowledge including the philosophical background, data generation method, and analysis skills at King's College London.

Then, I trained how to apply the theoretical knowledge into UX/HCI research and design practice at the University of Michigan School of Information.


1. More than a Skill
UX exploration is a philosophy and practice, more than a skill.

2. Exploring Research & Problem-solving Research
Two approaches at large.

3. Be in the Field
Dive deep into the field, and there is the answer.

4. Micro & Macro
Observe human at a close and a distant range and read out the context

5. Be a Child, so Make Innovation
Be inquisitive as always, and destroy any prejudice. Open myself.

6. Grit
"User" and "Experience" inherently contain complexity. "Grit" is needed for "Re-search."

7. Collaboration
Many failure gave me a lesson. All for one, one for all.


I have diverse experiences that led me to the world of UX.

  • Professor at a Media Art University

  • Opera and Musical Production Manager

  • Artist Promoter & Instrument Dealer

  • Pro-amateur Classical Guitarist

  • Amateur Circuit Racer

  • Stockholm Street Busker

  • Diaspora Social Worker (Overseas Adoptee)

  • Ethnographic Traveler and Adventurer

  • Discharged with Sergeant, Republic of Korea Army


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- Vals Sobre un Tema de Strauss (Francisco Tárrega, 1852 - 1909)

- Jingle Bells (Per-Olov Kindgren, 1956 - current)